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About Me

About Me

Ok, so for real. I am not a “beer lover” in the conventional sense. I mean, sure, I like some beers and I can appreciate them with certain meals or at certain times of the year but I am not one of those folks who have always just loved beer. Then, I decided to challenge myself in the most unconventional of ways. In the autumn of 2021, I decided I would challenge myself to try a different beer through the Advent season. That’s right. Twenty-five different beers in 25 days. I swear, in December of 2021, I had more beer than I had consumed in the previous 2 or 3 years put together.

Yes, 25 beers was a record for me.

But also, it opened my eyes and taste palate to an entire new world and so I decided to embark upon this journey of continuing my experiment with various beers. I have no idea where it’s going to go from here, but we’ll see.

If you have any particular beers you want me to try and post about, please let me know here! And of course, you can always donate to my cooler by bringing me any beer you want me to post about.

At some point, maybe I’ll post some link for folks to order beer for me and do some sort of blind taste test or some other self-inflated thing like that. You never know…for now, though, I’ll just try to keep it simple and see where it goes.