Diamond Bear Brewery’s Irish Style Red
Diamond Bear Brewery’s Irish Style Red

Diamond Bear Brewery’s Irish Style Red


This red ale from Arkansas tastes remarkably like I imagine Arkansas tastes. At least Arkansas when you come up State Hwy 59 from East Texas and hit I-30. The beauty of the piney woods are offset by the sight and smell of the paper mills. At first you don’t know what to think of it, but then once you start to get to the Ozarks you realize there is some legitimate beauty.

I spent the first half of this glass trying to pay attention to what I was tasting and decipher why I found it so particular. The nose of it is very smokey. Smokey with a subtle molasses backend. But let me say this one thing clearly – this beer is smooth.

Heavy may be a better word for it. It’s drinks like a weighted blanket with a similar impact on anxiety. This beer also has a wonderfully unique flavor and element may actually be its undoing. Maybe not. You’d probably have to buy a 6 pack of this stuff and drink a couple of them in succession to really explore that hypothesis.

I think this falls into the category of, “If I run into this one again, I’d absolutely drink it but I’m not sure I’d hunt it down and stock up.”

It was a pleasant beer once I got adjusted to the taste. And I eventually even found it to be very nice. Really, I did. But in the end, I do have concerns about the continued drinkability of it after just one beer.

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