Diamond Bear Brewery’s Fest, A Marzen Style Lager
Diamond Bear Brewery’s Fest, A Marzen Style Lager

Diamond Bear Brewery’s Fest, A Marzen Style Lager


Since Tuesday’s Diamond Bear Red was a bit underwhelming, I decided to go ahead and try the other Diamond Bear beer in my arsenal – the Marzen style lager, Fest.

And I’m glad I did. This beer is the absolute antithesis of the DB Red. Smooth, crisp. It has a very slight sour, mash-type front end that is not at all overwhelming. I usually don’t like mashes, and while this probably doesn’t technically fit as a mash, it is slightly reminiscent of it.

You know, sort of like how Lethal Weapon isn’t exactly a Christmas movie, but it kind of could pass for one.

However, while I’m sure this beer would be off the charts good on tap, the canned analogue is quite a great tasting beer.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Marzen style beers, historically these beers were brewed in March (thus the name) and we’re kept away in caves until the autumn when they were usually pulled out and enjoyed as summer turned to autumn..just as the suffocating heat of summer gave way to more temperate days with a cool breeze to break the warmth. For us here on the Texas Gulf Coast, climate-wise, think more like our “winter”. So today seemed like a perfect time to enjoy this autumnal beverage, on January 6, while it’s 70° outside. All in all, this is a great beer. A slight sour front note with a rich, flavorful toasted backend. This definitely redeemed Diamond Bear for me and I do look forward to trying more of their offerings soon.

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