Samiclaus, from Eggenberg Brewery, Austria
Samiclaus, from Eggenberg Brewery, Austria

Samiclaus, from Eggenberg Brewery, Austria

Badvent Calendar Day 22

Samiclaus, from Eggenberg Brewery, Austria


If it’s possible for a beverage to maintain the same space simultaneously as both a beer and a brandy, this would be the drink.

It’s flat, thick, sweet, hardly carbonated, and syrupy. And it’s not by accident. They brew this beer once a year, on December 6, St. Nicolas Day. Then, they age is for 10 months. Then, they freeze it to reduce it and remove some of the water content to thicken it and raise the alcohol content – up to a robust 14%. The end result is this brandy of beers.

You do not drink this. You sip it. And the sipping should go like a nice single malt scotch – inhale through the nose, hold the sip in the mouth, exhale through the nose and then swallow. You get to experience all this dynamic drink has to offer by giving over more of your senses than just taste alone.

The note is particularly malty, with a sweet oat-like flavor on the tongue. Once it hits the back of the throat, it goes down like a nicely mild molasses without the bitterness.

While this isn’t a drinkable beer as you might think of having one with a meal – this is firmly a dessert drink. After dinner. Late at night. Waiting for Santa. It all works and it’s all pretty beautiful.

Our sweet Artemis even got to photobomb the picture. All is right with the world. 

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